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 Club Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Events: Prison Break

 September 10&11, 2016 -- 12th Annual PRISON BREAK


As described in our mission statement, a primary goal of the Ventura Sailing Club is to introduce and encourage people to take advantage of our great resources: the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands National Park. We hope to achieve this by increasing participation in sailing by hosting racing, cruising, and social events.

The “Prison Break” combines all of these elements by providing the opportunity to cruise the Santa Barbara Channel, hike and explore Santa Cruz Island, and race back to the mainland in a fun and casual group setting. This event also provides contestants the opportunity to practice some “pre-modern” seamanship skills while “breaking out” of Prisoner’s Harbor…………and you can win a bottle of rum if you finish “in the money”.

The plan is to do a “LeMans Start” from the anchorage at Prisoner’s Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. Competitors will have to wait for the horn to begin hosting sails and weighing anchors. The race will be to the Mandalay Buoy. If there is no wind to “break out” of Prisoner’s, competitors can row, kedge-pole, or tow (any method NOT using a motor of any kind!) their boats out of the harbor until there is enough wind to make sail. Competitors will congregate in Prisoner’s Harbor on Saturday the 10th to begin the pre-race festivities.

 THE ENTRY: The race is open to all racers, whether they are members of a yacht club or not. The entry fee is $30 for non-Ventura Sailing Club members and $20 for VSC members. ($5 discount for USSA members). Entries will be completed at the Captain’s Meeting. The Captain’s Meeting will be held in Prisoner’s Harbor, at sundown on Saturday the 10th, aboard one of the boats. To host the Captain’s Meeting is a prestigious volunteer opportunity - bringing fame and glory to the captain and boat.

THE COURSE: Competing boats will start from the spot on which they chose to anchor for the previous night, anywhere within Prisoner’s Harbor inshore of a line extending from the end of the pier west to the point marking the north western extent of the Harbor. We will race back to a finish at the Mandalay Buoy, where competitors will take their own finish times using GPS time. All classes will start at the same time. There will be no other marks.

THE RULES: The race will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing. The Sailing Instructions will be passed out and finalized at the Captains’ Meeting.

THE CLASSES: PHRF-handicapped spinnaker, non-spinnaker, Orca, and Beach Cat as necessary.

HARDWARE FOR THE MANTLE: Trophies/prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place boats in each class, depending on class size. Please meet upstairs at The Victoria Pub (clubhouse of the VSC) at 6:30 PM Tuesday September 13th for heckling, bragging, excuses, and awards.

For further info call Will Yount (805)205-0999, write to wjyount@yahoo.com


All boats welcome to race.......See ya on the water!


 Ventura Sailing Club is located in Ventura, California. With two public harbors and close proximity to the Northern Channel Islands, this area is often referred to as the “Gateway” to the Channel Islands. The Santa Barbara Channel is also well known for its challenging and diverse sailing conditions; the area has even been used as a training ground for America’s Cup competitors. 

The Ventura Sailing Club was founded in 1975 with the objective to provide planning and leadership for a recreational program of boating activities centered in Ventura County, California. In its current incarnation, the VSC has focused on the utilization of the Channel Islands National Park and the Santa Barbara Channel as excellent grounds for staging sailboat races, as well as a premier destination for all cruising activities, for the benefit of the local boating community.